Hong Kong mini-hearing in the Norwegian parliament

On February 28th MP Guri Melby of the Liberal Party in Norway (Venstre) arranged a mini-hearing on the situation in Hong Kong in the parliament). The hearing was live streamed and the recording remains available here (jump to 06:15 for the start of the meeting). Several Norwegian politicians were in attendance, including members of parliament.Continue reading “Hong Kong mini-hearing in the Norwegian parliament”


The preamble to the 2019 Hong Kong protests

In another article in this blog I tied vandalism committed by radicals in the protest movement to an escalating spiral of violent behavior which primarily has been driven by the Hong Kong police force. But there’s a lot more to this story. Personally, I cannot support neither violence nor destruction of property. Nevertheless, in orderContinue reading “The preamble to the 2019 Hong Kong protests”