Mitigation plea: Lorie Lai Man-ling

Date of plea: 2022-09-10 Mitigation plea excerpt Law should be the shield to protect the people, not a weapon used by the regime against dissidents. Can freedom with limitations be called as freedom? I firmly believe in what I said, and I am willing to pay the price for exercising my freedom of speech. IContinue reading “Mitigation plea: Lorie Lai Man-ling”


Mitigation Plea: Fernando Cheung

Date of plea: 2022-02-04 Mitigation plea excerpt LegCo is the place for enacting laws and monitoring the government. It is an important part of the separation of powers. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, any authority must have its constraint. When the three branches of government are all breathing from the same nostril,Continue reading “Mitigation Plea: Fernando Cheung”

Mitigation plea: Chow Hang-tung

Date of plea: 2021-12-13 Mitigation plea excerpt Throughout the trial the greatest injustice in this case remains hidden and unmentionable, for who are truly responsible for inciting hundreds of thousands of people to gather in Victoria Park on June 4th, years after years? They are the murderers who killed at will in Beijing 32 yearsContinue reading “Mitigation plea: Chow Hang-tung”

Mitigation plea: Albert Ho

Date: 2021-09-09 Mitigation plea excerpt Why did Hong Kong, then a British Colony situated thousands of miles away at the periphery of the Country, get so much involved in the 1989 Democracy Movement? The answer is simple and straightforward: Hong Kong People who were about to reunite with our Mother Country did cherish the aspirationContinue reading “Mitigation plea: Albert Ho”

Mitigation plea: Raphael Wong

Date: 2021-08-20 Mitigation plea excerpt I have nothing to be ashamed of and no remorse for what I did on that day. The true and frequent violence is the kind of violence that ignores people‚Äôs demands, that tramples on their opinions, that deprives them of their right to express themselves. The march in Kowloon onContinue reading “Mitigation plea: Raphael Wong”

Mitigation plea: Margaret Ng

Date of plea: 2021-04-16 Mitigation plea excerpt Your honour, the Hong Kong people is a peace-loving and well-disciplined people. Their resolute self-restraint even in highly emotional situations has been proved time and again. In the critical hours of the handover between 30 June and 1 July 1997, the great event passed without a hitch. InContinue reading “Mitigation plea: Margaret Ng”