Suppression of free speech comes to Hong Kong

This article gives a brief account of how freedom of expression, though granted by China’s constitution, in effect has fallen victim to the principle of Rule by law. Furthermore, a discussion is provided that details how the same violation of basic human rights is now practiced in Hong Kong. At the end an argument isContinue reading “Suppression of free speech comes to Hong Kong”

Battleground for freedom and democracy

was a photo exhibition in the premises of Blank Space in down-town Oslo. A total of 42 photographs by a number of photojournalists working in Hong Kong were on display. The working conditions for these photojournalists are nothing short of extremely difficult, as they operate where riot police confronts front line protesters. The photos inContinue reading “Battleground for freedom and democracy”

Social events with the Hong Kong delegation

This article is quite different from the other posts in this blog. Here I write about experiences and reflections that are deeply personal. These have been days with conversations unlike any I’ve had before, and the memories and impressions will be with me for life. So the following text comes with no references to informationContinue reading “Social events with the Hong Kong delegation”

Hong Kong mini-hearing in the Norwegian parliament

On February 28th MP Guri Melby of the Liberal Party in Norway (Venstre) arranged a mini-hearing on the situation in Hong Kong in the parliament). The hearing was live streamed and the recording remains available here (jump to 06:15 for the start of the meeting). Several Norwegian politicians were in attendance, including members of parliament.Continue reading “Hong Kong mini-hearing in the Norwegian parliament”

The preamble to the 2019 Hong Kong protests

In another article in this blog I tied vandalism committed by radicals in the protest movement to an escalating spiral of violent behavior which primarily has been driven by the Hong Kong police force. But there’s a lot more to this story. Personally, I cannot support neither violence nor destruction of property. Nevertheless, in orderContinue reading “The preamble to the 2019 Hong Kong protests”